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You can check Friend Requests you receive and see all your friends on Parentie.
In Friends page, Parentie will provide you with useful contents for active communication with your friends.
Add friend
If you want to add someone as your friend, just click “Add Friend” button in the upper right of Profile page of a person you’d like to be a friend with. After the person confirms your request, the person will be showed up on your friend list. If you want to cancel a friend request you’ve already sent, you can see “Cancel request” menu by clicking “Friend Request Sent” button. This won’t be notified to the request receiver.

If you receive friend requests from someone you will see them in your Home or Friends page. If you click “ignore” button, the request won’t be notified to you any more in the pages. The senders won't know that you've ignored their requests. If you need more time confirming friend requests you received, click “later” button. You can still see them in your Friends page.
If you want to delete someone in your friend list, then click “Unfriend” button. That won’t be notified to the person that you unfriend.
Friends list
We will provide you with Friend list in order to help you to keep a good relationship with your friends in Parentie. You can manage your friend list effectively by categorizing them. You can categorize your friends automatically based on your Networks, Groups and children. In addition, if you tag your friends as words which can define them clearly, you will manage your friends by tags.
Find people you already know on Parentie
You can find people you already know on Parentie by submitting your email address and password. We will not save your password.
Add tags
All the tags you add will be added to a tag list in Friends page whenever you make them. You can categorize your friends by the tags you added.
Control Receiving friends’ news
You can control whether or not to receive friends’ news. You can see your current setting in the upper right of friends’ Profile page and change the setting by clicking it.