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You can join groups based on your interests and easily search groups you want to join by “Find groups” menu.
Join groups
There are two types of groups, open & closed. You can join open groups by clicking “Join” in the upper top of each Group page. However, in order to join closed groups you should obtain the group managers’ approval.
Even if the group managers reject your request any notification will not be sent to you.
Activities in Groups
If you post your writing in Groups, basically it will be posted in the group where you submit it, however you can post it in other groups and networks at the same time by controlling your setting.
Leave Groups
You can leave and re-join Networks whenever you want. There is a “Leave” button in the right of each Group page.
Control Receiving Groups’ news
You can control whether or not to receive Groups’ news. You can see your current setting in the upper right of each Group page and change the setting by clicking it.