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You automatically come to join Networks based on the information you submit.
If you update your information your networks will be updated automatically.
Join networks
Your information – address, kids’ schools & institutes - is a key factor in deciding your networks.
Once you submit your information, you will join networks without any subscription process.
Of course, you can join networks you have interests in by clicking “Join” in the upper of each Network page even if the network is not relevant to your information.
Activities in Networks
If you post your writing in Networks, basically it will be posted in the network where you submit it, however you can post it in other networks and groups at the same time by controlling your setting.
Posts in Networks can be seen by the classifications of each network - all/ grades/classes.
Leave Networks
You can leave and re-join Networks whenever you want. There is a “Leave” button in the right of each Network page.
Control Receiving Networks’ news
You can control whether or not to receive Networks’ news. You can see your current setting in the upper right of each Network page and change the setting by clicking it.